Social Strategies Training Descriptions:

Responding to Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking: Comprehensive Training for Service Providers

  • This training will inform and prepare, service providers and first responders, to identify, engage and provide long-term support to sexually exploited youth.  Introductory topics include: definitions, language, landscape of exploitation, identification, trauma and trauma-informed practice.    

Trauma and the Sex Trade

  • This unique workshop is an advanced training geared towards counselors and mental health providers with some foundational knowledge of sexual exploitation and trafficking.  Participants will explore the specific impacts of violence and trauma experienced by people who have been sexually exploited.  Additionally, participants will learn about an integrated model of recovery and resilience practices.  

Stages of Change: Training for Service Providers

  • This training for service providers begins by exploring the Stages of Change theory and model of behavior change to deepen participant understanding of how people change and sustain new behaviors.   Then, participants will learn to identify each of the 6 stages and how to shape service interventions based on each stage.  Finally, practice exercises offer opportunities to apply new skills and knowledge about the Stages of Change. 

Legal Frameworks and Responses to the Sex Trades

  • This unique course is designed for legal professionals, service providers, students and community members who are interested in the rapidly changing landscape of prostitution, trafficking and commercial sexual abuse laws and policy.  This course will explore federal statues and examples of Safe Harbor laws that are being implemented at the state level.  This training will also explore the application of legal frameworks of legalization, regulated decriminalization, criminalization and the Nordic Model through case studies of countries that have adopted such frameworks. 

Responding to Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Youth

  • This workshop provides foundational content to identify and respond to sexual exploitation and trafficking of youth and is geared towards a broad range of service providers, educators and first responders.  Topics include: Defining and identifying trafficking, the landscape of exploitation, engagement techniques and local resources.

Safety Planning: Training for Service Providers

  • This training will begin by exploring what safety is, and what it means to different people.  This includes physical, emotional, psychological, financial and community contexts for safety.  From there, we will explore processes for increasing safety including concrete strategies for developing safety plans with young people and clients.